Ball Python Morph

Christian della ValleArticolo tratto da Il Secolo XIX
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Christian, the man of the pythons
Has turned the fear he had many years ago
Into an actual python regius breeding.

Can fear unleash into a man the desire and the passion in owning the object of his frights to the point that it turns out to be a reason of life?
The answer is yes and represents the most unbelievable thing happened to a young man from La Spezia, Christian Da Valle, 32 years old, Ball Python Morph for friends.
Keen on pythons, he keeps ball pythons with colour mutations and shares with them his house, equipped with apposite snake cages and racks made for providing these not venomous but constrictor reptiles hospitality. Although years ago he had an out-and-out phobia, now he adores them and takes care of them with much love.
With a recent past as a touristic operator, he’s now a well-known eccentric hairstylist in La Spezia. Since a little less than a year, exactly on May 2006, he left the travel agency to devote to his beloved reptiles more time, to the breeding and the
procreation of this python regius species.
Since five years Christian enthusiastically dedicate himself to his animals, and he accurately knows characteristics, behaviours, procreation and everything else about them.
Fascination, mystery, sensitiveness, colours, each one is an element, python regius morph have conquered his young man’s heart, who loves journeys, nature and above all their extravagant colours.
”It was my deep fear of all the reptiles” he affirms “that urged me to understand them, to know them more intensely, to the point that I won every concern and prejudice about them.”
Everything started by chance as a day Christian found out that a friend kept in his house right a ball python, bought in a local pet store, “Il Regno Animale”.
At the first sight, his curiosity made him touch the python without hesitation, winning his all along fear about it.
An out-and-out fatal attraction. “Its colours, its skin, the strange sensation I felt in contact suddenly caught me” he relates “And I immediately felt the desire to own one of them.”
Christian instantly buys a male ball python, he builds a _ following his friend’s advices, for an approximate expense of 350 €.
After a few months, he decides to buy a female one too, in order to couple them.
Since that moment his real path begins, young man’s who’s intent upon breeding reptiles, having already had a first mating and first births of ball python.
At that point, he decides to breed only ball pythons and not boas, he proceeds to get in touch with other Italian breeders, who reproduce ball python morphs.
After less than two years the young snake keeper sets up a second cage to give a (baby) boa constrictor Suriname hospitality.
Throughout the ages, he purchases different varieties of Morphs, from the Piebald ball python to the Mojave, Butter, Het 100% Piebald (couple), Pastel, Albino, Chondro Python Morelia Viridis and more.
An investment that made arise the idea to open his own Website to show concerned people this mutation of his animals that today he breeds.


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